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OCTOBER 20 and 21- GIRLS LATIN FEST COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS MEET at COURTHOUSE GYMNASTICS CO. Teams from MS, ARK and LA will be competing. See the (click) Gymnastics Meets page for the Schedule, Admission Charges and Parking Info.

JANUARY 1, 2018- Last Day to pay 1/2 Year Tuition in Advance by

Check or Cash Only.

MAY, 2018- END OF YEAR EXHIBITION for Gymnastics Class Students.

See (click-) Rules and Policies and(click-) Quick Answers page for Details.

The $15 per child Exhibition Fee will be Drafted on All Gymnastics 

Class Accounts with April, 2018 Tuition.

Tumbling,  Speed and Strength  and  Mom and Me  classes Do Not

Participate in the Exhibition nor Pay the Fee.

See the SLIDE SHOW of the May, 2017 Exhibition on the Home page.